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It is our mission to provide an epic experience and world class service that makes it possible for you to train exactly like your favorite athletes because we know you can and we know you should.

The Trucks Training Story

Trucks Training was created in 2008 by Anthony Trucks. A former NFL athlete with a degree in kinesiology. In 1986 at 3 years old Anthony was given away into foster care by his mother where he was forced to endure incredible hardships that almost made him a statistic. 11 years later he was adopted and finally allowed to do something that literally changed his life. He got to play football. Something that earned him a free education and an opportunity to play his sport at the highest level in the world.
It was during his early years that he was introduced to sports training and a way of working out that was fun, challenging, and useful in his every day life even outside of sports. He felt powerful, confident, and healthy. It was those experiences that put him down a path to share those experiences and feelings with the world. Everyone should feel those feelings, athlete or not, and he created a company for that purpose.
After losing his NFL career to an injury Anthony came home and put his experience training, along with his education, to best the best possible use. He started the gym he dreamt of for so many years.
Since Trucks Training's inception countless NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes have called Trucks Training home along with thousands of athletes from multiple sports including, oddly, wake boarding. The incredible part is that they train right alongside our everyday Janes and Joes and which creates an incredibly unique, inspiring, and fun environment.
You can expect one thing when you join Trucks Training and try it out first hand for yourself. A truly "game changing" experience that will leave you feeling new inside and out.

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